The bittersweet of Gili Trawangan Island

Sambungan cerita hari tu pasal trip ke Lombok. I chose to stay on the island longer than main land because I thought I can never get enough with it. 

If you happen to go through Lombok trip package, they usually made a day trip to the gili islands or, 01 night stay only. And now I think I know why.

Aston Sunset beach

In general, Gili Trawangan is okay. The price of foods, spa and tour package is fairly cheap here compare to Bali or Krabi. If you are honeymooners and don’t really bother to swim in the sea except facing each other face and cuddle all day long, then yes. This island is for you.

and also for divers too.

lunch in aston sunset 1

Since the foods here is fairly cheap, so we dine in at the hotel that we stayed, a lot. The price ranged is between 45,000rp to 65,000rp per meals and 150,000rp for buffet BBQ dinner.

lunch in aston sunset

beach in gili trawangan

Talk about the beach. we were very much frustrated since we were so used to the islands in Thailand. where the water is crystal blue, fine white sands, small waves, nice depth and NO CORALS.

I was so sad to see how Mike struggles to enjoy the water. To find swim spot here is like a treasure hunting.

gili trawangan beach

The water is so low even during the high tide. The water is still below your knee level even you already walk for half kilometer into the sea.

Okay, so maybe you still can have sun bath while floating in a knee level SEA, but it is impossible with million corals underwater unless you have full swimsuit made out of crocodile skin.  I appreciate that corals made the water clean, thanks but no thanks.

accident in gili trawangan

I got several cuts on my leg, toes and feet just to enjoy beautiful mother nature. At this point, I started to dislike this island already. I’ve read so many reviews on Lombok and its islands before I decided to come here, but NO ONE MENTIONED ON THE SHALLOW WATER FULL WITH CORALS.

breakfast in Gili Trawangan

and, no one mentioned about how ugly the beach on this island during low tide/ early in the morning. I am so thankful that none of my close friends able to make it (due to work and health) for this trip with me after I convinced them how nice Gili islands are. “it’s maldives, in cheaper version” – that’s what I said to them. In fact, I’m intended to write gazillion of good stuff about Lombok, especially on gili islands after I came back from this trip.

I was brainstorming with Mike at our breakfast table on how this island could be better and swimable. Like, build a very long pier up to the deeper part. Anyways, maybe there is something that I don’t know about this Island, that it has to be the way it is and only I didn’t enjoy it.

snorkeling in gili meno

So yea, the only way to enjoy the clear water here is a deep sea snorkeling. Which, you have to pay for it. Urgh.

Our snorkeling spot was somewhere nearby Gili Meno. We were so close the the island and yet they didn’t spare us some time to at least check out Gili Meno beach. Well, I bet it just the same with Gili Trawangan – shallow water with full of corals.

snorkeling in gili meno 5

snorkeling in gili meno 6

So here some pictures of us snorkeling around Gili Meno taken with GoPro.

snorkeling in gili meno 8

snorkeling in gili meno 4

snorkeling in gili meno 1

snorkeling in gili meno 3

Sadly to admit that, I can see all these in Redang Island, Terengganu 🙁  and I bet that Sipadan Island in Sabah is way better than these, although I never been to Sipadan, Sabah.

snorkeling in gili meno 7

Hey, this picture looks like we were racing to the boat or somewhere!

And we had to pay 260,000rp for these pictures and some videos of other people diving 🙁 Well, I didn’t asked for the videos but they gave all the content taken with that camera which is like 200++ pictures. Pffttt.

sunset in gili trawangan 1

Remember about the beautiful sunset spot that I told you in my previous post? Yea, that’s the only thing that in sync with my imagination.

sunset in gili trawangan

On clear day, you will be able to see the tip of Mount Agung in Bali from Gili Trawangan. Yes, across that sea is Bali. 

I left Gili Trawangan on 5th day of our stay and continue my journey on the main land, Lombok.

leaving gili trawangan

Do you know that the mother nature can hear you? And she also can retaliate once she senses the hate ‘dislike’ in you? (I can’t use hate. Hate is a strong word). On the third day, the day that I started to have mixed feelings about this island and started to whine, I fell from the bicycle that I rode – almost got my left big toe broken and great headache at the same time too 🙁 I was limping for the next 2 days (it wasn’t sexy at all !!) and unable to enjoy my foot massage.

People say that Mother Nature maybe forgiving this year or next year. But eventually she’s going to come around and whack you. You’ve got to be prepared. Well, not in my case. I got it on 3rd day just by whining.


to be continued….. 




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