The Cat, The Lion and The Naked Ass.

Just finish watching “X-Men, The Origins” and awww..what a naked ass…that is damn sexy naked ass for 50 year old men I tell you.. But the weird thing is, I dont know why in this episode my liking towards Sabretooh – 2nd main character, mounting. Maybe cuz he is Liev Schreiber? Keep on waiting for for his scene, purr and showing off his fang. Mr. Sabretooth.. I am also a Mutant you know.. my speciality is – I can sleep whole day and can make people die waiting for me to wake up. How about that?

The cat
Cat’s sexy Ass – “Meowsss now I am angry, Im butt naked and you guys soaked me in this icy water?”

The Lion

“Lets claw and bite those asses”

“Mr Perfect” Agent Zero

The Blob


“uh oh.. the bullet coming, let me show the kung fu master that catching bullet with chopstick is nothing to me, cuz I can even slash it into 2”

Weapon XI
“Even I got 1 claw each, but for sure it is longer than yours. I can poke you from far far away ok?”
The rest of other character – is not important.
Ok, back to work.
Waaa…Since my boss went to the Exhibition in Moscow, we got few hotels added into our list. This time is called “The Nomad Su Casa“, located along one of the busiest road in KL, Jalan Ampang, just next to the Thai Embassy (good location for those getting Thai visa). Last time I remember it was called only SuCasa.. and now since it is taken by new management, so they added “The Nomad”.

The building formerly was known as service apartment, and now they turn it into the hotel. The rates is quite cheap by looking at the room sq ft and the facilities. In fact their 2 bedrooms category is bigger than my apartment lah 🙁 They have standard category with 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms as well as Deluxe. Rates ranging (MYR 200++ – 300++ per night). The different between these 2 categories in only its funiture. Standard uses old ones such as big bulky TV and Deluxe have new sofas and LCD TV. The rest, are the same. (1 bedroom – 689sq ft, 2 bedroom – 950 sq ft)

The lobby

Standard category – living room
Deluxe Category – Living room
Standard Master bedroom – light coloured furniture
Deluxe Master Bedroom – New Dark coloured furniture
Deluxe kitchen area – they have it all, from kettle to rice cooker, from napkin to the dining set plate. Perfect for a family or for you guys who wanna throw weekend party.

What I love about the hotels in KL, no matter they are fall under 2 stars or 3 stars category, they still have bath tub and glassed door shower space. Unlike in Singapore, with 3 stars price in KL, you will get lousy budget hotel and room with no view. Dont mention about bath tub lah, they have water heater is good already.
Gym room – what the… is that guy working out with office cloth on?

Pool area
This hotel is so new renovated until the spa centre still under construction. They have no pub, but no worries, you can find nearest pub/club called Quartro, Avenue K by walking distance.

Ok la, very tired. Looking forward to freeze my ass on Transformers : Revenge of the fallen. Finding decepticon latest logo to put as my mobile wall paper leh..

something liddis but glowing red eyes.

and start imagine the coffeemaker in my kitchen suddenly revolt and start spitting me with black hot coffee…



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