The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. Review.

I had an opportunity to a preview screening of the upcoming movie which is based on book of “The Mortal Instruments” by Cassandra Clare.
Although I was at the preview, had some fun with photobooth, goodie bag filled by NYX make up and free popcorn with coke, still, all the freebies unable to make me really good at a movie reviews. Comments & thoughts, maybe. Anyways, that is what people do as soon as they got up from the seat at the end of movie and created buzzing effect along the way to the parking lot.
So, here is my thought about this movie:


So, that’s the first word came into my mind. The costume, the make up, the background, everything – like, gothic look alike people can be heroes. And then as the story went by, I can see a mixture of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ with a pinch of ‘Twillight’, coated with ‘Underworld’ and ‘The Matrix’. Holy cow! That girl can dodge bullets attacking devil!
and somehow, I giggled a bit towards the end of the movie. Because it reminds me of ‘GhostBusters’. How about that?

But overall, it was more like ‘The Beautiful Creature’ where this girl do not know how powerful she is until her certain birthday. She is partly angel and partly human which makes Mom trying to hide her from the truth, but not for very long because you can’t hide from destiny. So she starting to doodle a rune in her wake and sleep until she see something and someone when ordinary human can’t see – Devil and devil hunter (or they called themselves as a ‘shadowhunter’ to make it sound more gothic)

In this episode (did I just said, episode?) The instrument is a goblet, a cup which can extend Shadowhunter’s life, a holygrail that can give limitless power who posses it (oh well, they been hunting and killing for it since Indiana Jones by the way). And now Jay-Z claimed it through his album ‘Magna Carta’

AND City of Bones is a place where the ‘Silent Brothers’ gain power from the bones of these shadowhunters – like a graveyard and you can see it like 2 minutes in this movie which makes me wonder why the title is City of Bones while the City of Bones seems like not really a highlight in this story at all. The Mortal Instruments: ‘The Prize Cup’ would be more appropriate, I guess. Since it was all about that cup from the beginning until the end.

Then there were vampires, warewolf, a little bit of romance, warlock and witches which reminds me of Team Jacob and Harry Potter. Team Edward has to wait because it will come up in the sequel, I guess.
I said Harry Potter because these Shadowhunters cast a spell in by writing symbol, or rune on the palm of their hand and shove it to the enemy or waving it to get things done (besides kicking devil’s ass with some cool martial art and cool gadget). So, I don’t know which way is easier in fighting your enemies. By mumbling  ‘Expecto Patronum’ or ‘Avada Kadavra’ and wave wand OR writing some symbol on your palm and waving it out. But I know shooting a gun is always the easiest. That’s why I always like Lara Croft.

and oh!! it was kind of shocking to know Gothic and Gay can really coexist in shadowhunter world. A very awkward scene in this one. And incest is almost happen in the middle of this story too. See? This isn’t a bad movie after all. It has a lot of element of surprise and at the same time it gave you a deja vu – “hhmm I’ve seen this before.. but, where?”.

As usual, ‘the force be with you’ – the good wins and the evil lose. They will start filming the sequel : City of Asses Ashes this year September with a 2014 release date. How about that.
Oh God. It’s not like I’m ruining a good movie, but I’m ruining a good review which people used to read.
So, that is all. From my empty thoughts. Better than hate thoughts though!
Um, I told you. Im not good at movie review! ‘A mundane’ kata Jace.

I give this movie 3.5 out of 5. Because Lily Collins is beautiful as always.

The End.



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