This is A Public Community Service Message –

Not. Just a common sense. 

Was at Ikea The Curve and had my weekend dinner – Swedish meatballs and broccoli (the fav one). I don’t know what’s inside that meatballs, or is it its gravy that made me willing to drive this far and gone through hell traffic jam. But it was worth it.

As usual, it is full, cramped with people like me who just refused to cook. Yes, I admit I don’t do cook and I never will. Hey, Im not alone. Go check any restaurant and pay good attention around you. Im not the only lady who think cooking is a waste of time. So, STFU.

But this is not what I wanted to talk about.

I was having trouble to get a seat, and Im sure this is happening to most of you too. Yes, it seems like most of the table and seat occupied by human, but there is another problem that creating this ‘hard to get a seat’ in Ikea restaurant – rubbish and leftovers by another ignorant on the table.

Why oh why, we Malaysian still can’t self educate about cleaning after ourselves? I want to ask you, what is that white and gray lined tray is for? Yes, it is to put your plates and your orders from food counter to the cashier and to your table. But does it ever cross your mind that, it also functioned as a tool to carry your leftovers to the tray rack lined up at every corner of that restaurant?

I saw people sitting on my left and right. On my left hand side is a group of four. Maybe they are on double date or something. And on my right hand side, is a couple, where, they were busy crossing arms feeding each other like a mommy to a 3 years old baby. Ok. That’s sweet. I don’t see any tray on their table. Oh, apparently they are trying to be neat like, putting the tray away and it just the table and the plate, just like at home. BUT DO YOU LEAVE THOSE PLATE JUST LIKE THAT AT YOUR OWN KITCHEN AFTER U FINISHED? No? 

I know, our mother never taught us eating our dinner or lunch with plate still on the tray. Ye lah, makan dalam talam. Tak ke buruk rupanya? But at home, you have your poor mother to pick your plate after you finished and clean it for you. Yes, it’s all about culture and upbringing. Manis, makan tertib, talam di simpan. But is it still polite and sweet of you to leave your rubbish behind for other people who is having trouble with their tray full of food, sitting , walking around, “tawaf’-ing the restaurant until he/she spotted empty chair but with shitload of your leftovers on that table? Ibarat berak dekat public toilet, tapi malas nak flush. Kau tau tak? Do you like to see fresh shit inside the toilet bowl at the moment you want to use it? After some queue and stomach cramp?

This is happening everywhere. McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut to name a few. You won’t see this if you go to other country. They already know what to do after they finish eating in fast food restaurant – 10 years ago. We are not talking about mamak restaurant ok? or Kak Jijah Tomyam. But believe me, people carry their own tray with leftovers to somekind of food disposable corner – even at street restaurants in Japan.

What are we? 3rd world country? Er, yeah. Your brain is.

Other country, tak payah pegi jauh la.. tu.. Singapore. They already busy campaigning adopt a street cats and dogs instead of buying special cross breed. They even have special group meeting for this cause – Save the animal left straying on the street or Save Our Street Dog (SOSD)

Ok lah, HANJING TU HARAM. But do we ever care towards street cats? Kau lenyek dengan kereta kau yang pasang sportrim mahal tu je kan?
But we, Malaysian, still struggling with Paper – Glass – Plastic rubbish bin (I saw people put plastic mineral water’s bottle into paper bin, and paper into glass bin), clean your own shit, use and carry that God damned tray and toss your leftovers to appropriate place and WE ARE STILL STRUGGLING WITH PEOPLE SQUATTING ON TOILET SEAT in public toilet!

It’s seemed like you can take the Malaysian out of Babarian but you can’t take the Babarian out of the Malaysian? Haaa.. more or less like that lah.


I hope any so called famous bloggers who happened to come across my rubbish post, care to create some awareness among your fan base – “Clean Your Own Shit” awareness. C.Y.O.S.





  1. AzlanStrider

    April 9, 2012 at 7:51 am

    agreed!!!walaupun agak pedas..hehehe..tapi memang patut pun u ckp camnie..kalau akak cakap elok2 bukan dorang nak dengar pun..hehehehe

  2. independentqueen

    April 10, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Lan angkat tray sendiri tak? Bukan angkat bakul ya….

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