Those who can’t DO, teach.

Whenever you fucked up and you think your life is in a mess, suddenly with or without your wish, someone or some friends came to you with advises and insights on your shit. And your replied is “kau cakap senang la” (Easy for you to say) and “kau tu macam la bagus sangat” (you think you are all that)  – and you left them, continue with your stupid shit and stay miserable.
I was there before. That idiot who preferred to stay miserable rather than tries to give a thought of so called “kau cakap senang la” advises.
Dude please, it is not easy to give advises and insights to stupid fucktard like you, because – that person was there, was the same fucktard like you, experienced the same shit long before and by listening to you and try to give you some clue on how to go about it, it cut open a wound or two, reminiscing their bitter experience and sharing it with you in a form of advise & suggestion.
Trust me, it took a down and out person to be able to give another down and out (YOU), an advise. Before you totally reject their advice and suggestion, please take a look at them again – make a quick description on who are they now. If they are;

A) A success/ happy person now – it is good for you to pay attention to their advise because you might end up success and happy like them. They know better, because they been through it before you.
B) A miserable/ shitty person now – it is best for you to pay attention to their advice because you might end up miserable and shitty like them. They know better, they even SET a living example in your very own eyes for what they been through, before you.
Those who can’t play – coach. Those who can’t wed – plan (for others). Those who can’t cook – critic. Those who can’t lead – oppose. Those who can’t do – teach. Those who can’t fuck – go become pope.
And it is okay for you admire them for how they able to overcome the hurdle in life and pass the insights to you. But never try to have them into your life, mistakenly think they are GOOD for you. They are not. They are just a good in giving you advises and suggestions because they “been there and done that”. So they know the outcome, the score, and the result. Someone who used to be a failure before never wanted to be with another failure, now.
My point is, this post is for those guys who came up to me with “99 problems and it’s all about bitches” then suddenly see me as a perfect girl they should be dating just because I spill a lot of secret on how to fix things. Dude, seriously NO! I might worse than your girlfriend/ wife. Because I am that fucked up girl that really need to be fixed!


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