Where were we? ohh.. my bruised knee.

Not all the thing happened are sweet and nice back in Kuantan Trip. And I cant let it go until now coz I felt abused physically and mentally. To me no matter how much compensation it will be, I cant let it go, still. I keep on thinking ” why oh why, among of all people around him, he chose to attack me.” And after few days, the answer I got from him which was very hurtful, shook me to the core.
Few of us went to the beach that day, as for me, not to swim coz Im not interested (plus I dont know how to swim in wavvy beach). I just went there to watch the boys jetskiing and wasting my time until the paintball game begin at 4.00pm. I didnt bring my camera tho, just my mobile incase my boss or someone wanna reach me.
There is a guy in my office, actually we were classmate back in Uni, so I can consider him as a friend la (now no more already) instead of my “boss” in the office. He keep asking why I dont want to swim, so I just explained to him “no, im not in the mood”. And just like a monkey (way below puberty type of monkey) keep on teasing wanna push me into the beach water.
-“dont ok? I have mobile phone in my pocket. Please dont joke around. If I wanna swim, I’ll go change my cloth, but not now”
Next thing I know, I already inside the beach water, with my face dunked, drinking the sea water. WTF? All I can remember, was just to save my mobile from soaking salt , I tried to use my left knee to block my whole body down into the water, but it was too late. The worst thing is, at the same time that fuckingtard pushed Alexey on me, on my back while Alexey also holding his 1 month old mobile. Yaya.. sounded like a Kamasutra position tho, but it’s not funny ok? Just imagine my left knee holding mine plus a guy’s weight on top of my back? By the time I posting this, the mark already change to black and it still hurt.
I got up, took my mobile out, throw at his face – “Fuck la, buy me new one~!”
To cut story short, everybody hates him (they keep saying “Pizdiets” to him) and and agreed he has to replace my mobile and Alexey to the new one and I miss my paintball game.
So after much argue and hates (I even dreamt shouting, yelling and punching his face for few nights), so here is my new baby…

Introduce you to Nokia 5800 XpressMusic.

Sob.. I know this one is waaaaayyy better than my old mobile, but I lost so many things inside already… few special messages, memorable snap, not to mention contact numbers…

Well, I know this is not as great as HTC smart phone.. but at least it’s a touch phone lo. All this while I only have Touch n’ Go card, and I think it;s not too late for me to join the touch community ler. But it took me 2 days to understand and know how to use all the features la..very slow la this auntie.

It came with 8gb memory card and and 3.2 megapixel camera. That’s all I know.. the rest, I dont bother to understand.

For the 1st time I find it very easy to browse through the internet, and my 1st testing testing was …

Owhhh this is how Heartboxx viewed from the box…(Picture taken using Nokia N79, nice leh.)

Happy lo. Felt like dowan to change to other mobile phone for the rest of my life lah. Super excited, of my new Nokia, we celebrate it at Tarbush. Hehe.

Here is the testing testing snap using Nokia 5800.

I dont understand tho, sometimes the image is super clear like this,

like this,
and like this, until can see very nice shadow detail from that lamp onto the ceiling,

And sometimes become like this?

Alaaa.. forget about the picture quality, wanna nice quality picture go buy dslr camera ok? This is communication tool ok? Wanna show you the food already.

cute tea pot

arabic tea

This is like a welcome snack la, everybody come here, they give you eat this, ermmm prata like bread with hummus dip. When I saw hummus, I straight remember “dont mess with Zohan” movie. People in Middle East crazy about hummus ler.. like ang mo to the mayonnaise?
Appetizer – Samosa, inside contain like a currypuff fillings, but with lotsa green peas. I..ermm less like it.
Briyani Lamb
I took this – Spring Grilled Chicken, lebanese style.

Vladimir with his fav’s
and Im trying hard to finish this.. in the end I passed 2 pieces to Murad to finish it for me.
Ok la, very happy last night until I forgot how hurtful answer from that jerk when I asked him why he chose to push me, but not the others?
-why among all, why you choose to push me?
“because you like a pigeon, make people geram, that’s why and I feel close to you and that is what people will do when they feel very close” – (WTF?dont tell me he hurt everybody whoever close to him? Fucktard lah)
-If let say I have a husband or boyfriend? Will you dare to do this to me?
“Of course not, and my advise, if you wanna solve this problem find a husband la”
…there you go…he chose to push and hurt and cost me lose my hp just because I have nobody to protect me? What kind of guy, a friend he is?
…and Im getting scarrier and worrier if this is what’s left in this planet for ladies outside there – brainless jerk with 1 sided functioning balls.




  1. Siti Rohana

    February 22, 2009 at 6:29 am

    aiyooo…why la…Damn retard la that guy…sakit ke?..adoi…if i were u…that is it….kill…kill…kill..die..die..die..

    wah..nice phone neh…mine still the old nokia chokia e65…and u hubb..his one…htc lorrr…why?..why?..why?…hahahaha…

  2. Independent Queen

    February 22, 2009 at 1:59 pm

    Yea I wish to kill him. IF im allowed to and tak masuk jail. By the way HTC phone kat UK murah ke? here is MYR2k++ ler. Dont talk about HTC diamond lah.. unaffordable..

  3. Siti Rohana

    February 22, 2009 at 4:55 pm

    htc…erm…not that diamond one…htc tytn 2…here new around 300-400 pound..second around 100 pound…ok lah…

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