Trip to Lombok – the end

Aku pulak yang naik bosan sebab tak habis habis dengan Lombok, lombok, lombok. This is my problem. The problem that makes me never finished the entire post about places that I visited. I know for few people, my stupid post sometimes give a little insight about places and help them with the planning (for travel) and yet, I leave them high and dry. lol.

FYI, hard drive on my desktop died on me. Lucky that all pictures taken since October this year are still on my Sony a6000. The rest of the pictures are gone with that hard disk except few good ones which I already uploaded into Facebook.  

trip to lombok

Back at Lombok. Mike and I spent 3 days here after Gili Trawangan Island. Lombok has a lot to offer, cultural tour and nature landscape sightseeing but on my personal opinion, Lombok isn’t for the weak hearted. Lombok is also known as “Pulau Seribu Masjid” (Island with thousands mosque). You can see big and beautiful mosque in every 1 KM in Lombok.

For Malaysian, if you love Sabah and Sarawak’s nature landscape (minus the shopping at Pasar Malam, ok?) Lombok is for you.

vacation in Lombok

Like the Gilis, you unable to swim at Lombok beach either. It’s so blue and yet full with corals. So most of the resort here are built for you to enjoy your stay without you have to find coral – less spot to swim.

Most of the resorts in Lombok either beach front or located by foothill. We Stayed at Svarga Resort by Senggigi Beach. It is 5 minutes drive away (20,000rp taxi fare) from Lombok city center, Mataram. It is very quiet here. No shop or night life around Senggigi except the one run by the resorts nearby.

Svarga resort

Unfortunately, I had my monthly terrible headache from the day I arrived here from Gili Trawangan so all I can do was sleep after pills and more pills. It was 2 days headache and poor Mike has to walk alone, exploring site nearby. I was so sick until I unable to walk up to restaurant for my morning breakfast but luckily Svarga Resort provides extra special treatment for their guest which is, breakfast in bed without extra charges.

view from Svarga Resort

Here are some of the view taken from Svarga Resort. I will write about this resort in later post.

view from svarga resort 1

Just so you know that October is a dry season for Lombok. Very little or no rain during this month, sun is scorching bright and turns the hills into brown. This resort that we stayed is by the foothill and behind us is Mount Rijani National Park which Mike really wanted to explore. The problem is, I do not have the strength to do it, plus, the hiking need at least 2 days 1 night (for Pro) and 3 Days 2 Nights for leisure hikers. But if any of you love mountain climbing, I suggest you guys sign up for Mount Rijani Hiking.

lombok sengigi

This is the view right outside our resort. Mike did walked up to the town from here, in the afternoon and came back with some snacks for me. He told me he got greeted by a few locals –  asks where is he going and offers a ride (I bet it is not free) and try to sell him some tours along the road. And as usual Mike is better than me when it comes to ignoring human being and it annoys me sometimes.

The very next day after my headache subsides, we went to Mataram. But it was kinda late, like 2PM in the afternoon. I can’t help but looking for tour shop and try to find anything on half day tours. The other reason why I wanted to come to Lombok besides the Gili Islands is the waterfalls. Lombok has quite amazing waterfalls but unfortunately it is deep into / by foot mountain 🙁

I refused on doing cultural and city tours. I don’t want to see pottery making or another shopping malls or market. At tour shop, I kept on going with my preferences –  the waterfall, which ever is reachable before 6PM and I willing to skip as many as stop that included in that tour.

trip to lombok 4

Finally we paid 450,000rp for Sendeng Gile Waterfall and we have our own private driver. I know it was late. The driver keep saying it is late to go to the waterfall at this hour. It took like 2.5 hours drive from Mataram to Sendeng Gile Waterfall and it will be dark by the time we arrive there. 

trip to lombok 5

So our driver keep on asking for permission to speed drive. And every time he speeds, he turned to us and say “is this okay? or else we unable to make it” So, we were like, yea yea..go ahead.

Speed sampai kering minyak kau. hambik. 

trip to lombok 1

 We stopped by at Puncak Pusuk Pass since it is included in the package. I have been told it is a monkey lairs and I was imagining the place is huge like monkey garden or something like that and its full of cute monkeys.

trip to lombok 2

But it turns out the ‘monkey garden’ is the road side full of rubbish. And the monkeys aren’t that cute 🙁 

trip to lombok 3

 We stopped for like 5 minutes for Mike. He loves monkeys and he paid for this trip.

Look at the monkey. He completely ignoring Mike. And Mike is like a teenager to Justin Bieber when it comes to monkey. He once told me that has a dream to live with monkeys and wolves. I don’t think I can ever handle that.

sendeng Gile Waterfall

Finally, after speeds and crazy bumps, we manage to reach the place while it is still bright. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 1

Now I understand why our driver keep mentioning “not enough time”. Because we still have to walk down the hill for another few hundreds meters to the waterfall! FML. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 2

At this moment, I started to regret my decision. Because if the walk down the hill already made my knees went shaky, what about coming up? I swore to myself no forest/ jungle visit in year 2014 after what happened in Cameron Highland. And yet, this waterfall has the easiest path compared to the rest of other waterfalls in Lombok. Sendeng Gile is for those who do not like jungle trekking katanya. So, just imagine if I do go to Benang Kelambu? Nangis lagi la jawabnya.

sendeng Gile Waterfall 5

Afler 30 minutes walking down hill, finally, I get to see the waterfall with my own eyes. It is not like what I imagined after I saw few pictures of it on internet. Or maybe, photo editing has got me. Well, the one that I saw in picture was Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu. But due to time constraint, we only manage to visit Sendeng Gile waterfall 🙁

This is Benang Kelambu Waterfall – the one that I really wanted to see 🙁

Photo credit to


Oh well, if you can’t get the best, just settle with the second best..or the third best 🙁 What makes the waterfalls here are so beautiful is because the water come out and falls in between the bushes and trees – thus, created beautiful layers effect. Unlike normal waterfalls, it just water and slippery rocks. If you go for Mount Rijani  Hiking, you definitely will stop by at Benang Kelambu waterfalls because this waterfall is at Rijani’s foot.

sendeng Gile Waterfall 7

Mike and our guide. Sorry lah, sejak dah tua ni, dah malas nak edit kaler gambar. One more thing, we were here during dry season, so the water wasn’t that much or else, there will be a few ‘curtains’ effect too in Sendeng Gile waterfall.  Our guide also mentioned that it is not pretty either in Benang Kelambu waterfall due to dry season.

sendeng Gile Waterfall 6

I don’t know whether I have been to any waterfall before.The one in Cameron Highland is not this high, I guess. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 8

We tried to walk up to the falls. Trust me, at that distance (in the picture above) I already suffocated and my chest felt very heavy. The force and wind made by the waterfall almost blow me away. Luckily I’ve gained weight so much this year so, I win. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 9

Mike manage to go close to the falls and I was so scared for him. So I tried to walk up to him and think maybe it is not that bad once you underneath the pouring water… 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 11

Nope. I didn’t make it. I was panting and breathing through my mouth the closer I get to the waterfalls. 

I also asked our tour guide on Sendeng Gile history. Like, is there any casualty happened here before? How many people found dead by swimming around here? Wild animals… ghost.. ghoulish spirit.. kau lihatlah… betapa cabulnya mulut cik kiah ni di dalam hutan di senja kala…Tapi terpikir la jugak.. mana la tau ada benda ikut balik ke apa kan.. haish.. kalau dah Melayu tu.. melayu jugak.. kawin la dengan mat salleh pun… tetap berpegang kepada cerita hantu zaman sekolah.

I don’t know whether he was lying to me or not. But the answer to all my questions is NO. But this waterfall is one of a place for bertapa (meditation) for some people who practicing mental science (ilmu batin). HHhhmmm aku dah agak dah…

You see, at 6PM this place is empty. The group of people who visit here usually in the afternoon except mat salleh that choose to stay here over night.  There were another western couple came down 15 minutes after us and I went to them and said ‘hey you should try the water’.

The next waterfall called Tiu Kelep is right beside this waterfall but since it requires more climbing and hiking, so we skipped it since it’s started to get dark around here. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 13

So, this is the part that I hate so much. Not him, he jog everyday so climbing and swimming and walking long distance is not a problem to him. Tapi problemnya, aku kena tinggal kat belakang. 

sendeng Gile Waterfall 12

I made like 4 stop before I reached the entrance. Mike paid 50,000rp as a tip to our guide and he noticed that guide looks wasn’t that excited with the amount. LOL. Mike is stingy and no one is going to have happy ending if they expecting free money from him.

Anyways, I read few articles saying they had to pay entrance fee to enter the waterfall area although they already paid 450,000rp for the tours. But not in our case. So, if you buying any tours from the tour shop in the city, make sure everything is already include in except tipping.

Our driver was kinda surprised that we didn’t spend that long by the waterfall. He said we might enough time to watch the sunset at Batu Layar. So Yay! I was excited to hear that and it is not bad with the price we paid and the limited amount of time we had.  

trip to lombok 12

Oh well, I guess our driver was too excited speeding to get us to watch sunset until he blown one rear tyre. 30 minutes gone to fix and replace the tyre, so, forget about the sunset. 

trip to lombok 13

While waiting for the tyre fix done, Mike and I walked along the road. Obviously there is nothing to see 🙁 

trip to lombok 11

So, this is our sunset from the moving car. And we were so freaking hungry… 

trip to lombok 10

I did asked our driver to stop at few places which is to me, beautiful enough for sunset.

I told him that we were hungry and asked if he can bring us to authentic, local restaurant. 

Oh God, my tummy started to growl every time I remember the meal we had in here…is was freaking AWESOME!

seafood in sengigi

It wasn’t a fancy restaurant so called ‘local’ restaurant with authentic local food. It was just a rows of bambo shack and no certified chef or waiter dressed in uniform. This place called Pantai Teluk Nipah and the fish here is fresh, caught and cook at the same day.

We chose Medium size Red Snapper (ikan merah) because there is no smaller size left 🙁 and the chef lady asked me whether I want some vegetable and sambal to go with my meal, they have eggplants and water spinach. I chose both. and they also asked me the level of spiciness. I feel weird when they asked me that because, how spicy vegetable can be?

We also picked 6 prawns and some squids. All grilled together with the fish.

“Jangan pedas sangat lah” (do not make it too spicy). That was what I said to them.

seafood in sengigi 1

Ghetto tak kitchen dia? If you used to rated A restaurant’s kitchen, I suggest you don’t try it here. That is my sambal in the making in the picture. 

seafood in sengigi 2

So, basically, this is our ‘table’. I mean, I really can’t imagine I still can find this in year 2014. Tikar plastik ok lagi… but.. makan bersila di atas lantai buluh..berlampukan mentol powered by diesel generator… di tepi pantai… ini lagi real dari kampung nenek aku yang di perintah oleh parti PAS.

And yet, I felt so luxury to have this space for two of us for dinner. Boleh makan sambil baring gitu. Siap ada satu tong keropok ikan kat situ ha. 

seafood in sengigi 7

and then, our dinner arrived. OMG it’s A LOT. I forgot to tell the lady I am sharing with my husband. Why do I need the whole plate of eggplants and water spinach all to my self?!

Steamed rice, Terung bakar with sambal, Kangkung rebus with sambal, sambal cicah and grilled seafood. The smell of every thing inside that picture is… HEAVEN.

Everything was 10/10. Succulent fish, prawn and squid, the sambal (chilly sauce) .. I never tasted the sambal like that before!!! Nampak macam bodo je. tapi. ya Allah.. until now I unable to figure out how does the sambal can taste like that!!!

Kebetulan kami lapar.. I think we looks like a hungry zombie who just found a human. 

seafood in sengigi 6

Look at how Mike consumed all the sambal!!! Dia buat kuah terussss!!!! 

seafood in sengigi 8

Rupa sambal paling last sebelum habis licin di hirup dek Mike. He drank this chili sauce, completely.

And as for me, I almost drank the whole coconut water to keep up with him.

Memang sedap. Tak jumpa di KL (this is really tasty. you won’t find this in KL)

I don’t know what exactly the local paid for this meals. But for us, I think it’s kinda pricey. I blamed it on Mike because he is white. People always think white guys have a lot of money!

We paid 265,000rp for the dinner plus coconut water for me and coffee for mike. Terkejut la jugak..macam harga KL je kan… hhmmm. nasib baik sedap. So terlupa kejap. 

We leave Lombok back to KL the next day – flight at 1915 hours. I had 2 hours SPA after check out while Mike waiting for me at the hotel lobby – sweating. Huhuhu..

Standard lah be at airport 2 hours before departure. Oh, FYI, at Lombok airport they provide porter guy to help you with the luggage. I thought it was extra service provided by Lombok International Airport for the tourists. Hee hee. Siap beruniform lah kau. I remind you that the help isn’t free, it comes with ‘tipping’ charges. So if your hand still free and able to handle your luggage yourself, just do it then.

fast food in lombok


I would like to add a little story on this post la. You see, your trip isn’t complete if you didn’t try 3 types of food of the place you visited.

1) Local food from local restaurant

2) Fancy food from fancy restaurant

3) Fast food from chain restaurant  – because what you get from, for example – KFC in Malaysia will not be the same with KFC Indonesia. Well, I don’t know. I find it fun to try it. And usually I laughed once I saw the menu until I tasted it. It’s FUN I tell you. In a good way.

So we went to this fast food restaurant which looks like Mc Donalds/KFC. At glance, it has nothing much different than any other fast food restaurant in Malaysia. Until I went closer to look at the set Menu.


fast food in lombok 1



It’s called CFC. Not KFC. So if KFC have Lunch/ Dinner Treats set, CFC ada paket Astaga. Very the Islamic kan? 

I was too lazy to read what’s on the menu. It’s just a fast food. You can never go wrong with fast food especially if you go for chicken. I just pointed to the one with fried chicken in it. So when I thought it came with bun/ burger…

fast food in lombok 3


It was Nasi you olls. ( fried chicken with steamed rice). Very the Asian gitu. Tapi best la jugak makan pakai tangan berlaukkan ayam goreng tuh. licin je aku belasah. Rezeki tu. Sapa kau nak komplen komplen?

It just, Mike and I unable to figure out what’s with the logo. We unable to interpret the logo until it’s time for us to go on board.

Itu je lah…

The end.



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