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Ok,  sluggishness has taking control over me now, to the max. Blog update? what? Ah before I continue with more pictures with less description of post update.. let see some of  recent “WHAT – THE – FUCK” mini series ;

whaaaaaattttt theffff….

I mean really? Should I thank him or spank him? He should be proud cuz Im reviving his momma bendang boots and make it so stylish just by sitting on the grass. I wish he could post his momma picture with the same boots working on the paddy fields, while this Pakdi ran around butt naked with some leeches hanging, sucking blood from his little dick as a background.

The power of huge titties. I never had so many comments, respond or feedback on any of my gorgeous (ehem) self camwhore portrait or sunset shot I made with my dslr until I put this picture (u are lucky girl)! and bam! all the bobbies fans emerged. I mean.. something to ponder, huge bobbies fans : would u guys willing to hold  those bags when it turns saggy and still be fan of it?
PS: ok la.. actually Im jealous. I wish those are mine 😛

“Systems error” (according to their customer service la). Just so u know, those are the 3RD and 4TH card – which I received day after another. I already snapped the 2nd card (which personally collected at their counter in Jalan Ampang 4 days before the 3rd card came in) into the dustbin after they told me it was cancelled since they produced another 1 hour card. The 1st one never reached me due to “strange address”. I don’t know where the hell they got that spectrum apartment address lalala which I never heard of , tried to send it to me since March for a few times and yet they managed to send me a cash advance cheque to my valid address and successfully contacted me via my mobile for the balance transfer transaction. They able to do everything right but not in delivering of the physical card. Strange eh?

Or maybe it is fun to keep producing a few 1 hour cards in a week to their customer ey?

and I counter attack all those suay, WTF episode in my life with a few sweet findings of the day where La Senza throwing their mid year sales and Top Shop came up with 3 undies at RM45.
And Im done with some  essential shopping for my next trip too. Flight tix – Bought. Villa – Booked. Spa Massage – checked. Card – paid. Beautiful shots – you wait!

I bet you  had enough with my too beautiful Melbourne’s piccies – Clue: less comments 🙁 so I just put up some of island moments from my Perhentian Island getaway last may (Boo! old piccies, again! wahahaha)
PPS: make use of your dSLR. Don’t buy it just because your girlfriends have it, and stop taking food photos just because you love eating like a pig. Camera phone will do for such hobbyist like u! LOL

Woke up to a strange island style banana omelette  at Coral Bay! If you want to experience a breakfast where your breakfast table almost 2 ft to be swept away by the beach water, u really should stay in Pulau Perhentian Kecil, Coral Bay side, not long beach side.

There. I use Linda’s photo as a prove that our breakfast table was 2ft to be swept away from the beach water. And of course you can’t get this experience even 5 stars hotel hosting u free room to be inspected la..

Sending (and giving encouraging pep talk) Linda off to her 1st open water diving course.

and we off to our island hopping and snorkeling!


We snorkel at somewhere called FISH POINT. Too bad I do not have underwater camera so Im unable to show you how colorful the world under my fins. I don’t need a diving license, Im ok with snorkel forever.

Then we stop at Pantai Air Mati for a fresh water. The fresh water here is so cold, as if came out from the freezer! So we stopped here to rinse our body from sea water (I know.. that was no point at all cuz we all got back into the sea water right after that) but it was really for a fun stop, rinsing with fresh water, sat around, chatted and sun tanning at the same time.

I know, this will be much better if the camera bit more lowered. But hell, Im too afraid of the possibility to get my camera wet by sea water! Anyway, is there any of you dare to bring your dslr in a waist high sea water le? I did.

Enough with 1st phase of sun bathing, playing under the hot sun, 3 kilos of fat melted just like that. Need to replace all the gone fats. Do you know that, if you really know how to place your fats right, you can have a full round hips and bum? Sexiness!

 So we stop at Kampung Perhentian (Perhentian Village) to feast on islander lunch. I know its nothing fancy with the shop, but look at its paints! ADORABLE!

 Again, it was nothing but humble food. But frankly, those fried fishes were lip smacking! and that sambal cili, islander style.. zomg… better than my mum’s!
At first, the restaurant owner keep apologizing at us for unable to provide us fresh fish, and keep saying he is so paiseh since have to cook us “ikan busuk” (rotten fish). Then we were a bit curious about the rotten term & asked,

“how many days since it has been caught?”

“ermmm… this morning.”


If fishes were caught more than 5 hours is referred as ikan busuk in this island, .. what is an appropriate term for KL, city people has to use for those fishes bought in the hypermarket then? Corpse?
Gosh, and we think that we have it all by living in the city.

This is sea banana y’all… we were playing with it & camwhore with it like a monkey. And after we done, we put back to the shop rack and say thank you. What a monkey.

For photo shot of scenery, panorama, vista lovers, what ever u may call it,  u shouldn’t miss this point. Windmill point. This place makes newbies, photographer wanna be like me looks like a pro. This place has magical & mesmerizing view~!

Think of a beautiful, virgin, has been wrecked by her 1st lover for the 1st time, and left alone by that virgin killer… and she has never been touched again, ever. That is how I described this place. lol.

U have to climb up if you wanna experience the view which will climax you, leaving you breathless. How breathless it is? Try to imagine Batu Caves’ steps times 4.


…and I was breathless before I able to reach to the climax top of the hill! Stamina mmg kaput. Dah macam Ju-On.. merangkak membunuh mangsanya!


I feel so California~!
Actually, it was a project by a state government in order to supply electricity power to this small island.. 2 giant somesort of silvertip windmill were erected, complete with huge solar plate.. and  yet, the people of Perhentian Island still waiting to watch this windmill spin for real…

Years after years… they still depending on generator and come to accept the fact that, these windmills, this hill is actually for photographers like me to look pro. End of the story.

Sad huh?

and I saw a local guy climbed up to this point alone with potato chips in his hand..he just sat here, staring at the bluest sea, munching his potato chips like he’s the only one exist atm. until we called him to take our group photo. haha.

 That is our boat driver, a local boy afraid of nothing, and sea is his best friend…

Final stop, romantic beach – I do not know what’s so romantic about it until I’ve noticed my foot caressed by the softest fine beach sand, purest white like a bridal veil. No one around except us and yes, it can be very romantic for two!

Gamat (Sea cucumber). I was screaming with disgust when a friend dropped it on my palm. But I overcame my fear and hold it back for 1 minute. It’s kinda heavy for a small piece like that, its breathing, very slippery and the feeling is exactly like you’re holding kuih lapis minus the stickiness.

It’s time to go, leaving the hidden paradise in every corner of Pulau Perhentian. And yes, I got a very serious sun tan from this island hopping, now I can see my ass in 2 tones color still.

This is not some ordinary banana you had at home. It was grilled and caramel–ed. Sweet like your first love kiss. I ordered this twice while get my bikini air dried.

It was such wonderful feeling, watching the sunset with my while finishing luscious caramel-ed banana on my plate –  looking out at glistening sea of melting gold bars. I am glad I able to enjoy this while others think that my life is a wreck, just because I choose to leave a so called “small but vast expanding company” and its 1001 promises behind.

Well, life is about choices and rights, what’s between want and need. What’s to achieve is not depending on others’ expectation, only you yourself know how far you can go. They think that they walked all over you – they never knew that, they been sipping your urine while they think they succeeded manipulating you. It was a right regret moment, when I took the step to walk out from them.

Been there for 3 years, but I miss none of it. Their culture, their lifestyle, their food & their way of thinking can never moved me, not even an inch. But they adapted into our rendang, paprik, nasi lemak and Malaysian rubber time in a blink of the eyes, shows how weak they’re deep inside.

I have to put my name on it.. cuz I am really  proud and admire myself.. now I have my own official magical island sunset shot, for the first time!

I –  inspire people who inspired me ~ IndependentQueen, HeartBoxx

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    July 10, 2010 at 12:02 pm

    Dropping here..Very nice..friend, check also my latest ya Funny!

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    July 10, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    i love your #20 photo the most..tat romantic beach totally nice…love it..

  3. kenwooi

    July 10, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    love the sky and the sea.. so bluee..

    and boobs.. yeah pretty self-explanatory =)

  4. Dange

    July 11, 2010 at 1:02 am

    Sudah pandai watermark ekk..anyway number 25…looks great…

  5. Independent Queen

    July 13, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    @suhaisweet: Thanks, yea, I will do.
    @v!vi@n: Glad u loved it. Will improve some more for readers like u!
    @kenwooi: Ken, I knew u only paid attention to that paragraph!
    @Dange: I did watermark sometimes on few shots which I really proud of..

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