Upstairs Unlimited.

Gobo Upstairs finally change my perception of “buffet” meals. They make it so stylish with a fine dining vibe in it.

Thanks to Ms. Serene Liew from Traders Hotel, KL, for inviting us to experience the new style of buffet lunch at Gobo Upstairs, Traders Hotel,6th floor. Not to mention their delectable range, unlike some other hotel, buffet = cheap, lousy tastless lines of food, voluminous refill and that’s it.

What I love about the new buffet style offered by Gobo Upstairs is that, you no need to get up from your chair, carry around big white plate to the food counter and queue in line to get your food. Reminds me of school cafeteria oh. And how embarrased it is (when you having lunch with client or some you like) when you have to get up so many times to refill your plate like you are cheap scale starving monster.
In Gobo Upstairs, you just sitdown, and the waiter(s) will come to your table with the food, while describing & showing you the food they carried, and serve it to your plate. They keep coming to you and offers the next food or the same one once they see your plate empty.
The waiter(s) are so friendly, feels like you have your own butler serving you. Sorry, I didnt take any of the food picture because I felt it was so unappropriate to do that when you sitting, eating & discussing about the room production with hotelier la. But believe me, all the food were so exquisitely tasty and neat looking piece.
Not to mention the city view to look at while you enjoying your palatable piece.
They change the menu once in 2 weeks, and for the price like that.. I might say, this stylish buffet lunch worth every of your ringgit le.

Infinite satisfaction. Indeed.




  1. Lizz

    August 16, 2009 at 2:49 am

    Oh wow. That menu looks delectable, haha!

  2. Independent Queen

    August 16, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    To Lizz: yep. you should try it. Everything were like melt in your mouth!

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