URBAN TIPS #2 : How to Prevent Liquid Spill In Your Checked in Luggage


There is nothing more frustrating than opening your luggage soaking in toner or shampoo conditioner liquid at the end of long hour flight. I always did until I tried this life hack for the past 2 years.

You know that air pressure in aeroplane is extreme. Your plastic tube/ bottle expand when you are up 30,000 feet in the sky and shrink when you landed. Both will result liquid spills no matter how tight your plastic tube/bottle caps are.

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The solution : Cheap Masking Tape. Not cellophane tape, not duck tape or brown plastic tape that you use for brown paper box. All tapes except masking tape will leave sticky residue on the surface and that’s is not pretty and hygiene. Not to mention the difficulty to peel it off.


As a woman, I know the items we packed is little bit more than what man does. I don’t know about other woman, but woman like me ended up with sleepless night after realizing that we left make up bag, hair shampoo and conditioner, hair curler, facial cleanser and contact lens solution back at home. I still don’t mind about body lotion since hotel always have that as part of their complimentary toilettries in the room. But my hair and facial skin type couldn’t agree with general toilettries product because, I am complicated like that.

And oh, I am anti with small empty container traveling kit set. That simply because;

1) I feel uncomfortable and unhygenic to expose my cream and serum into the air during the transfer process.

2) I am long hours flight traveler. And when I travel, it always more than a week. I’m a not confident with the small amount packed into that small traveling kit is enough for the whole trip. So I always prefer to bring full size bottle.

4) Some people use zip lock bag. I tried it before. Still, the liquid spilled and soaking other bottles in it. To use single zip lock bag for every bottles that I carry is not economical. Plus, the spill is still happen and what I am trying to save here is the liquid wastage. I don’t want to waste even a single drop of my RM200 toner or serum. It is heartbreaking to see that your newly purchased expensive cream left half bottle in one single trip and spilled on your favorite expensive sweater. All I wanted to do is to be on budget travel but this issue make it expensive.

Some people preferred to leave it all and buy new one at their travel destination. Well, you can do that if you have a lot of money and choose to wander around shopping malls 24/7 while traveling. I prefer to check out the sightseeing and local streets.

Since I discovered the usage of masking tape, I am one happy traveler. I always have a roll in my luggage since then.

Give it a try. You will like it.



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