Im so gonna miss Rihanna concert. Sienz.

Suddenly my boss announced there will be a trip to Kuantan, Pahang on 13th February – the same day with Rihanna concert. What else, hotel inspection lah. All the picture of me jumping over “shut up and drive” and the images of miss Rihanna shaking her oh so fine booty crumble into pieces.

Well, since Im not going to see her, Im going to replace my playlist to old innocent love songs. Hey Hey… It’s Valentines again~! Even it has been a long time I never celebrated the V-day, it doesn’t mean the spirit of it is totally off.

I know, TRUE LOVE is sound like a myth nowadays – Only can be seen inside the movies and read from a novel or it only appears in some kind of fantasies and dreams. It can be categorized as same as Unicorns, Mermaids, Dragons, Elfs and Santa Clause (Hoho) Ok ok….LOVE is bullshit and there is no such thing anymore. Ok la, 99.9% peoples nowadays have a different translation of love phrase like “I Love You” means “Im so wanna fuck you”, “ I’ll be loving you forever” means “I really wanna see you with no clothes on” and “Cant live without you” means “I do not want out of my sex supplies please”.

But hell, I still like to gaze around, you know, when Loves is in the Air… where the roses price hike up to triple which enough for your 1 month petrol supply, All pink and red decorations everywhere, merrier than Christmas, than Chinese New year’s lanterns, merrier than blood spilled in Gaza… teddies and the other plushies are all ready to be picked and delivered, the chocolate factory busy re – melting their square chocolate and making and wrapping it into a heart shape.. and oh.. don’t forget the Durex’s also busy producing special edition Valentines super ribbed condoms too. (See, all these will end up in bed one… told ya).

Listening to these oldies by New Kids On The Block reminds me of my innocent valentines back during my secondary school. I was 14 and he was my 1st crush. Im smiling now. That was the purest, dumbest but the sweetest moments in my life. I swear, I will not feel the same feeling as that EVER again. Because it is only a phase.

I also had a celebrity crush that time. LOL. It was one of the New Kids on The Block member lah. Jordan Knight. If you think Justin Timberlake is the 1st singer who start the squeky type of vocal.. you’re wrong. It was Jordan Knight ok?

To me, if there is still angel Cupid around, they already change their profession lah. They are now no longer holding their cupid’s bow flying here and there shooting lonesome heart lah. They are now busy holding machine guns and bazooka shooting mortar and bombs at some part of this world now. To all of you, whoever still believe in the power of love, happy valentines~! For singles, who still believe and hoping that the Cupid will do their magic shooting their love arrow and bring the other singles’ libido closer to you, well, good luck on your 1 night stand tho. Hahas.



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