Weekend as Mama San…

Apparently this became my sub – work scope for month of July, every year, after my boss decided to diversify his inbound travel agency business, by getting Russian/CIS country’s students joining the summer camp program in Malaysia during the low season.

..and this is what I got over my MuayThai workshop for my weekend.

Honestly, the experience of handling and managing these students was very pleasant and enjoyable, by considering their polite manners, friendliness and cute looking faces. A condolonce to all local teachers out there for working so hard in getting their Ijazah Perguruan yet end up with brutish students like what has happened in Kuala Terengganu recently =(

First stop, Putrajaya, it has been 4 years I didnt come here…full of memories lah. Sad.

Yep, still the same.

Since the weather was damn hot, we cut the trip in Putrajaya short & rushed to AFamosa Resort, Malacca. We made a quick stop somewhere after Seremban, and I found a self service KFC for the first time in mylife. I dont mind queing at the counter to have my order, but, to pick up my own nuggets and cheesy wedges ermmm felt like a bit cheesy, felt like at warung nasi campur pulak. And yet, they still charging me 10% service charge. “Service” charge for what? I queued and picked up my own food ok?

Since it was Friday, the highway was a bit jammed along Seremban strech and we arrived later than the scheduled. I booked 02 unit of 4 bedrooms villa for 14 pax of us. Here is one of the 4 bedrooms villa that we stayed for the weekend. Look nice? Yaya.. the pool water so dirty until the students complained right after they jumped out from the bus. 5 minutes after we stepped into the villa, I already busy calling the reception about the dead pool and porch light la, towel provided not enough la, the buggy was not enough la, and constantly remind them about the shuttle bus service which suppose to bring us to Cowboy Town for our Dinner at 7.45PM…

Tunggu punya tunggu, those students chirped like a super hungry little birds. The reception counter refused to pick up the call from our villa until we had to do the trick by calling them from mobile phone. All they said “We told you already that now we are running full and busy cuz of middle east season” SO? since when their lack of resort management has to do with us? If they worshipped those Arab guests, just black out the dates and their rooms, fill their resort with just Arab ok! Dont bother to confirm our reservation. If you promise to send us shuttle bus at 7.45pm, it means 7.45pm Malaysia time, not 1 hour later, and made this group of students starved until they almost calling their parent and missed the carnival show at Cowboy Town. We paid you for this meh?

Finally at 9pm, the stupid shuttle bus arrived to pick us up. FYI, 9pm is already “supper” for these students. Becuz they keep saying like “so, are we going to have our supper at the same place?”

Look at their hungry faces…

Some of them dont even bother to look at the camera and busy digging their “supper” like they been fasting for 3 days already.

So this is what the villa looks like from the inside. The villa have 4 bedrooms, 4 bathroom, 02 powder counter with cupboard, A huge living area cum dining area with 6 seater dining table, 1 kitchen area with fridge, electric kettle and coffee cups provided. Last one, a pool with dirty water. And oh, a complimentary of 08 bottles of 500ml mineral water.
Next morning, we drove to Golf Terrace Club for a breakfast. I unable to get the picture of them in a group since they going bananas over the buggy ride. They had their buggy race right on the first night we stayed in and finished up all the battery with a swift…I think our group has the highest number of buggy exchanged in AFamosa Resort’s record. Never mind lah.. we paid RM150.00 per buggy per day. Lets the kids utilized it.

Even they are a high profile kids, wearing Dolce & Gabbana sneakers, carrying Gucci handbags at age 15, fully manicured and pedicured, wearing EdHardy swimsuit and put special sun tan liquid for the sun bathe, (usually I saw people put sun screen lotion), they still sweet cute young girl who went gaga over buggy ride with big swirl lolipop in their hands…

At Animal World Safari.

Feeding time.

Vladimir Yan and KhojiAkhbar, the orange stripe shirt is Ganny which the group called him “Malloy” – the little ones.

Maybe you wonder how come they look like a chinese? Actually some of them are half Korean, half Uzbekistan, thats why their name end up like half half too like Kim Olga, Kim Marishka, Vladimir Yan..and the thing is that.. they dont even know how to speak Korean. At age as young as 15, they already study all over the world like Beijing, London and France. They dont go normal school like us. Hurmm.. some kids.. are so blessed…

Everybody melt over these cute Otters…

I wish I can keep one of these.

These Raccoons looks comedic even they walk around and do nothing.

As per itinerary, Multi Animal Show.

I tell you, it was a tough job supervising these students, when the guys around constantly tried to hit on them…

Kids nowadays grew up so fast, word of advice for you guys out there, please check their ID before you think of doing adult thingy with them.. cuz all of them are below 17. Oh except the one sit next to me, she is 19 =P

This is Madina from Tashkent, actually this is her 2nd time joining our summer camp program

And this is Bonny from Kazakhtan, she speaks fluent french and play golf during her free time.

To me, this multi animal show were super boring. I know it is not a regular sight to see cat jumping over the ring of fire and monkey riding a bicycle. I rather be at Suria KLCC please.

Walked around until my leg fell off ler…maybe I looks young, but I cant ignore the fact that my stamina isnt on par with 16 years old teenager anymore (the girls not happy when I called them “kids”. They say they are not little girl anymore)

We supposed to watch the Bird show, but those “teenager” insisted to go for Animal Safari. They must be thinking Safari trip here are like in Africa ? To tell you the truth, Safari in A Famosa are no difference you go to the National Zoo ok? Except you got to ride a caged van. Felt like we were the caged animal pulak. Ahh maybe that’s the only difference la.

All the tigers sleep in the afternoon. Or is that a plushie tiger ler?

The tiger play hide and seek.

The tiger play jacuzzi

Oh finally~!! I met the real Plushies~!!!!

After had our lunch at Lake Side Restaurant @ Animal Safari (THE FOOD SUCK. DONT EVER GO THERE), we proceed to WaterWorld for a chlorine wave splash. No bikini picture taken since I also joined these teenagers for some tube sliding adventure and my heart and brain almost misplaced. I swear, I dont want to do it again.

With Madina’s overly protective brother. I bet he came here just to keep an eye at her sister only.

Since we missed the Carnival show at the Cowboy Town on our first night, we re-scheduled it to the next day..

We were welcomed by Malaysian Version of Cowgirls

Look at Bonny and Miss Raisa, they were so happy and danced around.

Ganny took a wild ride.

at the Carnival.

The hot girls

and their not so hot mama san.

The Carnival show basically consists of Fire Eaters show by the Malaysian Red Indian

Plenty of Animal Parade, from elephant…

to a gay parade.

Lastly, they end up the show with fireworks. This one, I LIKE~! I always like fireworks~!!!!

I wish I have skill in capturing the fireworks. I just looooovvveee fireworks in picture. Looks magical, except those were taken by me.

Sunday 12th, I skipped my breakfast due to tremendous headache. So I test those students skill of being independent and self control without their mama san. (heeeee). Wow~! it turned out to be fine. No buggy were broken, no one got accident and when I woke up, they were around the villa riding buggy still, giggled and laughed happily. No doubt these student are the best teenager in this world.

Since I woke up quite late, I brought the students to have our last lunch together at Side Walk Cafe @ WaterWorld. We wanted to surprise Vladimir Yan with a birthday cake after the meal (it’s was Vladimir Birthday on 12th July), but hell, the chef of the restaurant came to me with cake still inside the box, unopened and asked “here is the cake”. WTF??

Well, he spoilt the surprise, and made it worst by told us the restaurant doesnt have spare birthday cake candles. Should I laugh or angry this time??

It was a buffet lunch, does it mean the buffet drinks it has to be from a tap water? None of the girls drink the water until they provided us the real mineral water in coffee pots. PPffttt.

Yaa.. they have variety of foods.. somehow I manage to eat this only. I wonder if all the restaurant in AFamosa Resort ONLY prepare foods for the guest who starve after they running around their 1,300 acre site. If my assumption is proven to be true, well it explains lah.

Finally, the birthday cake came out without its box and the candles. Oh you must be wonder what is written on the cake ey? It means “Here’s the cake” (My boss sure forgot which student is having the birthday when he bought this. Nice)

Happy Birthday Vovachka~!!

Discussing who will get the biggest piece.

Finally I can eat a decent piece of cake as a dessert during my whole stay in AFamosa Resort. Thanks to the birthday cake.

Left AFamosa Resort, “Where all Suck Foods come True” around 2.30pm and dropped by fruit stall area nearby so that these students learn and taste our real local fruits.

So long I never get to buy cheap fruits. This rambutan it only costs me MYR2.00 for 1 kg. Yay~! bought 2 kilos so that I can make Rambutan Ice cream ~!!

Good kids with happy face as always. What a relief. Im started to love them already.

The most fancy souvenier I brought from AFamosa Resort. Priceless.

This time, I let my girls closing my entry for today. =)





  1. InBliss

    July 14, 2009 at 9:27 am

    haha..gud advice..better check their ID 1st..n gud job 2 u 4 keeping eyes on them.. SYABAS! 😛

  2. InBliss

    July 15, 2009 at 8:41 am

    haha.. even here pun ada gay parade.. awW..

  3. spacey

    July 15, 2009 at 5:13 pm

    wow. all your photos? doesn’t it get tiring? I’m always too lazy to transfer. haha.

    o.o there really seems to be a lot of photos here.

    oh and I’m using comments because somehow your tagboard doesn’t seem to like me ): it keep saying ip add is blocked. lol. hope this doesn’t go missing either =X

    anyway, have a good night! 🙂

  4. stephen

    July 17, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    Hi, just dropping by here to say hello…

  5. Jerine

    July 18, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    Why do you call yourself the “queen”? I’M THE ONLY QUEEN!!!!!!!!

    Ahh… your post makes me feel homesick. I used to stay in A’Famosa Resort Villa. Yeah, my family home was there!!! Maybe you guys stayed in my old house. And my dog was buried behind the yard.

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