Weekend Matinee: Japan Playboy Bunnies (Strictly for Ah Gong Only~!!)

For Japanese, there is always something for everyone. G-Dog for the kids, PlayStation for the teenagers, Onacups and Love dolls for the adult, last but not least…for the golden age citizen..It seems like they never let their sex life sags. I guess all Hugh Hefner’s Bunnies should migrate to Japan once their market get expire in States.

I wonder what kind of photo and stories inside which could possibly bring life back to 50-70 year old wilted meat down there. So guys, start voting for cover girl of the month, shall we? (Err.. Should I say “cover nanny”)

I find this one very classic.

Bonus click of the week >>> Happy Place for Ah Gong.



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  1. c0co

    May 31, 2009 at 9:12 am

    @@’!!! i never kno that got such magazine…. XD~*

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