Weekend Matinee: Penis Day.

It’s time for cultural lesson kids. Dont you know in Japan, they celebrate the piece of meat down there inside men’s pant, every year? It’s called Tagata Jinja which is held every 15 march every year as a celebration of fertility and renewal. On the festive day, many couples and ladies (or should I say, cock worshippers?) will come and pray for successful conception. Like a simple equation, penis = baby.

Ok la I understand if 1500 years ago, people worshipped anything in order to get something. But nowdays they still carry on with this cock parade every year when there are alot of method to increase fertilization provided by medical and science such as In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)? or maybe, they just love cock. That’s it.

So, whoever intended to visit Japan next year, choose 15 March, Komaki, north Nagoya. It will be erotic trip of your life.

That popsickle looks yummy.

Looks like the thing grew from his head.

What a cute….pink!?!?

I believe there is a special anthem that goes with this celebration ler..

Nice place to start an early human body part education with..

Visual of young ladies holding huge kuku is somehow…erotic?

nice souveniers ey..

Im diggin this plastic glass – good for halloween.
Huh.. what a way to celebrate penis.
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