Weekend Matinee: Style Fashion – flaunt your ASSet.

Of many fashion capitals in the world, I must say, nothing can outdo the Japanese. From Victorian bustier to Skin tight legging, bandage dress, gladiator shoes, from pleat to ruffles, still to me Japanese is a #1 natural trend inventor. We shouldn’t be surprised with the fact because.. well, even origami arts originated from Japan.

Maybe in some part of the countries include Malaysia, ass crack baring was by accident or maybe the girls were too drunk. But not here in Japan.

What was that show? Where bunch of ladies running in red swimming suit, bouncing and waving silky blondes strands? Silicon Valley baring addiction is over mate. Fresh sushi is in town. Keep on walking babe, don’t turn around.

Must be fan of bowling.. until she carry around extra 2 bowling balls in her jeans.

Err.. no. This style is absolutely invented by the westerners.



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  1. Dorothy L

    May 22, 2009 at 11:31 pm

    Oh MY…and I thought Bike Week in Daytona Beach had all of the top styling going on:)

    Too weird.
    Maybe these people do not own a mirror:)

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