What a shitty weekend…1 whole shitty week in fact~!

I onced come acrossed, a web telling about yearly forecast. It says that better for me to avoid travelling around March and April 2009. Or else something bad happen. But I cant resist. I need my 1st quarter year getaway lei…So I bought ticket to Singapore.

Nothing much I can say about my neighbour country. This is my 5th visit, infact. I covered almost 70% of Singapore map in my previous visit. Planning to meet up some friends and my bff even planning to bring me to try Singapore famous Roti Prata with ice cream on top as well as Durian in Geylang (chey..like Malaysia dont have Durian)

The next morning, Hell, suddenly all my body ached and I felt dizzy.

Whatever it is, trip must go on leh.

Reach Sg around 2.30pm. Felt so hungry. So bff brought me to this restaurant inside Vivo City. Wahh looks very fancy. “Breeks”. Why not “Break”? Coz the food just broke my heart into 3. What a shitty taste. And is costs quite cheap (in SGD)18.90. But seriously, I refuse to pay this shitty plate if it is in KL. Since Im in other people country…and other people is paying for me.. well…

“Grilled Salmon” – I only love the zucchini. That’s it.

His pasta – Dont want to describe it lah. Later you all vomit.

At night the sickness kicking in. I cant even move. Say bye bye to DragonBall movie. Dont mention St. James night club lah. I suspect I got high fever. My body shaking, even “dangdut” dancer also cant beat it I guess. All my plans to meet up with my Singaporean buddy turn into shitty.

2nd day – Shitty Sick – Try to eat my favorite Sakae Sushi Salmon belly. And suddenly my favorite dish turns into shitty taste. Almost vomit.

Nevertheless, this cubicle really interest me.

M.A.C goes Hello Kitty at Vivo City.

3rd day – ok in the morning. Only God knows how many bottles of Ribena’s I’ve drank (Vitamin C ma..) decided to stroll along the street, sipping the fresh air (which Singapore is always famous for…)

“Kampung Baru Rd” – no car at all.. and yet I cant simply cross the road leh like in KL…very tempted to cross it like siao. But, I dont bring enough cash to pay the saman ler.

then went to Sentosa with unhappy heart. It was raining all day long and – I fell sick again. This time, even worst.

Well, If u asking my opinion, a person who has been to the real beach in East coast Malaysia, this is very sad view.

But then, I keep remind myself like this – “hey, it is true that this is manmade beach. But this is waaaayyyy better than what we have in Port Dickson OK?”

This is not a bad pose at all for a person who badly sick ler…

My feet so tired walking, I end up bought this Sentosa rubber sandal. Since everything in Sg seems like overpriced, I consider this rubber sandal as a souvenier for me to bring home…(SGD 7.90)

Stop by at one of the decent beach cafe at Palawan Beach, called “Bora-Bora”

And tried this. My advise – DONT.

Errmss…If you ask me.. ermm if compare to KLCC Aquaria..yep, here in KL better and cheaper. So far, I only love “Song of the Sea” show in Sentosa. The rest… wasting my time. Ok la, the local girls in Bikini is a worthy must- see in Sentosa.

It’s time to see Paris Hilton in action.

Not so cute leh… Dugong even cuter than pink Dolphin.

Sunset at Palawan beach..

and here are some disturbing image of weird fish…I keep on thinking.. what happen if this fish go into your butt and live inside your tummy. Eeeekkkkk. What a disturbing thought.

4th day – cant take it anymore. Bought new ticket to KL. Original was 6.30pm but I buy another one at 2.30pm. It was a hell, excruciating journey I ever had in my entire life. Reach KL around 7.30pm, straight drove back to my hometown. I need to see my mama~!!!!

Next morning… here I am….

Then I found out… I got dengue fever.. haih. Warded for 4 days ler…then again.. shitty food, shitty nurses. I cant sleep at all. They took my blood every 4 hours, my blood pressure and temperature every 2 hours plus I have to go to urinate every 5 minutes….My both arms being poked with needles, and it seems like endless one… I thot Im going to die since my blood platelet (dont know I got spell it right or not) drop as low as 29k (normal is 450k).

The worst part was, they let the trainees to take out the tube so that I can go for shower. Hell, we had a blood sprinkler party everytime then. I wanted to transfer to private hospital, but it’s too late. They wont let me go.

I drank alot of water so that I can get out from there as soon as possible. To me, their treatment even more frightening than dengue virus itself…

Friends and buddies keep sms-ing 1001 suggestion so that I can get the hell out from there. Among of all suggestion, I took crab soup and taking neems tablet one.

Yes, finally Im out of that manmade hell. After so long, I found myself this spot, I sat down and continue appreciate life even more.

“Untouchable silent” – Secret location somewhere in Tg Malim, Perak.
To Belle, Freddy, Winnie and the rest, Im teribbly sorry coz unable to meet you up guys.. sob.



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  1. belle24

    March 25, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    its okie… u muz tak care of ur health.. saw ur hands. sob sob muz b v pain.. come log in cabal let belle belle sayang u XD..

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