What Kind of Whatsapp Conversation do you have with your husband while he’s outstation?


Actually I’m against airing dirty or clean laundry in my marriage. Especially bragging about my husband like I’m the only one who has the best husband in the world and other people’s husband are stupid and has no quality at all. Lately I’ve learned to see the good in people although most of the time they acted shitty towards me. Anyway, I tried my best not to make comparison between my husband and other’s. I also learned that there is no need for me to put out all the happiness or hurdle we are facing in marriage on social network especially Facebook/Twitter and all. You know people can easily disgusted by that.

I bet that most of you our chats content were more like sexting/ sex chats. Well, what to do, people so quick to judge since my husband is a westerner, a white American guy. To some malay, white people think and do nothing but SEX. You were the one who dig on white people’s porn movie, of course you will see white people in there. Why not try to dig on Malay’s porn/ homemade video. You will see Malay has parallel, International, worldwide skills just like any other race when it comes to porn stuff. Oh, then you said to me “that’s what I saw in English Movie, white people easily change partner and free sex is like their way of living. Let me ask you, don’t you tell me that you believe all police forces are responsible and agile just like what you saw in Gerak Gerak Gerak Khas show? If yes, so I can conclude that you strongly believed that 1 bottle of JOY (dish cleaner) able to wash dishes from Johor to Singapore. Like you only need to wash plates. Not the pots and woks.

whatsapp chat with suami

However, I feel like I need to share my private conversation and life to all of you because I think it can it has a little good information and knowledge for those who like to know more. Especially for those who work as a language teacher and history. I have no slightest clue on the eligibility to become Language or History Teacher. Were they required to sit down on complete world and language’s history or, their syllabus are just like high school’s, only one level higher. Seriously, I really don’t know.

Mike’s work requires him to sleepover, twice a week. And during that time, he never failed to send me message via whatsapps, update his situation and sometimes, he showed me his hotel room provided by his office. He knows that I have weird interest on hotel decoration or maybe just to make me jealous by showing me how spacious the room is.

As you know, I do write some reviews about hotel that I stayed on Trip Advisor. Just for fun. It’s not that hard, just copy and paste the one that I posted on this blog. Sometimes, my reviews caught the attention of hotel management. My reviews do get as ‘helpful’ reviews for those in making final decision before they book the hotel. Since my reviews are not a paid review or sponsored stay, I can say that my review is the most sincerely, truly yours – honest type. If I found something wrong, I will highlight it and propose few ideas on how to improve it. I’ve been doing hotel inspection as my career for the last few years, remember?

trip advisor response

But, at one time, I got replied on my review in Spanish. I quickly copied and forwarded it to Mike with the hope that I can get it translate since he knew Spanish a little.

Mumu: Ha! Too many big words for me
ME: Esperamos i think means experience
ME: Comentario is comment
ME: Continuar is continue
ME: Proceso is process
Mumu: They appreciate the comment
ME: I think he said they are in the process upgrading the hotel
ME: To make sure we can experience mexico next time, better?

Mumu: And will continue something every day
Mumu: And, yeah, something for your next visit to Mexico

ME: Svarga also replied but on my instagram
ME: Say thank u for the nice review & words

Mumu: Continue the process of improving every day
ME: Ah. Ok
ME: That’s why
ME: I think I can guess a lil bit
ME: Spain almost like english

Mumu: History lesson: Spanish evolved from Latin. The Romans. So did French. The Romans controlled England for a little while
Mumu: The Normans were from England and took over the area now called Normandy in France.
Mumu: They became French, later went back and controlled England.
Mumu: They made their Norman French the language in England
Mumu: Because of all the conquest, trade, and Roman influence, most of western Europe is very similar
Mumu: Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian languages all evolved from Latin also
Mumu: Italians and Spaniards can understand each other
Mumu: But… Also the Arabs had influence. Which actually had influence from India
Mumu: The number system everyone uses came from them
Mumu: So did Alcohol and the distillation process
Mumu: Algebra
Mumu: Al-kohl
Mumu: Al-gebra
Mumu: Al-queda
ME: Al Qaeda?
Mumu: Uh… Yeah
ME: Ha!
ME: Al kohl is alcohol?
Mumu: The Al words are almost all Arab
Mumu: Yes
ME: Omg All mixed up!

Mumu: White people
ME: Like us. Interracial marriage
ME: Soon I will reinvent something englishmalay

Mumu: The Moors were Arab from north Africa. They took control of Spain, Portugal, and parts of Italy for a while
Mumu: The Romans wanted to be Greece for most of their”Republic” years
Mumu: Until Julius Caesar conquered western Europe. Then the Romans became more powerful than Greece
Mumu: But, the Bible was first translated from Aramaic to Greek
Mumu: Greece was the official language of Christianity when most of Europe became Christian
Mumu: It was a the pagan Roman emperor Constantine who made the official religion of the Roman empire Christianity
Mumu: The empire included western Europe, middle east and north Africa at the time
Mumu: Istanbul used to be Constantinople. The capital of Rome
Mumu: But then the empire split and was divided there. It remained the capital of Eastern Rome until the Ottoman Empire ceased to exist. WWI. 100 years ago
Mumu: Eastern Rome became the Byzantine Empire which was the longest empire ever
Mumu: Mohammed wrote the Qur’an during that time, and Islam vs Christianity is when things changed a lot
Mumu: Also, the Germans took over western Roman empire
Mumu: English is a Germanic language
Mumu: But, then Spain took over the world
Mumu: With Portugal, France, Holland, and England close behind
Mumu: The English eventually won an impossible naval battle against Spain, making England the most powerful empire in the world
Mumu: So that’s why the languages are similar
Mumu: Ha! But now the rebellious child of England is the most powerful at the moment. With such wide influence from both of them, that’s why English is”the language”
Mumu: It used to be French, but at a time it was Spanish
Mumu: It’s just, those giant mountains in Asia separated the east from west in India
Mumu: So Indian influence trickled through China before reaching the rest east Asia
Mumu: And trickled through the Arabs before reaching Europe
Mumu: If not for those mountains, the east and west would probably be more familiar with each other
Mumu: Except for the”savages” in the western hemisphere
Mumu: Who are actually Asian
Mumu: North America from China and Korea
Mumu: South America from Taiwan through Malaysia and Indonesia
Mumu: And nobody cares about Africa still

He went on until eleven-ish o’clock. I asked him to go to sleep before I vomit blood. All I wanted is for him to translate a few sentences but it ended up into series of encyclopedia. So there, I just proved that Malays are lazy to read, especially on knowledge matters.

This is not the first time. Sometimes he rants on history, language history, revolution history, world war, health, workout and medical, story of the first prophets until the last one. The scariest topic will be politic and economy issues. If you want to see him in MadMax version, go ahead. Invite him to talk about Obama and you will regret. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Regret already? I mean, regret that you read this post. If you do, please accept my sincere apology. But I can guess that your chats with your other half must be more interesting than mine and for long time to come…



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