What my dream job again?

After watching “Drag Me To Hell”, I found that the movie Director, Sam Raimi miss the concept of the reality of conventional banking/loan/credit systems. It is not the customer who drag the bankers to hell, but vice versa.

Everybody’s has a dream job, a big company to join in, a good position to rule and the list keep on and on and on…

To me, I dont know what to dream anymore. No matter how I wish that one day I will end up in the big organization where its name listed on the 1st board on KLSE, free insurance coverage, 1 month annual leave which can utilize anytime within a year, claimable miscellaneous expenses and the list keep on and on and on…

Working in a small inbound travel agency can be very frantic but after sometime, I cant tell whether it’s a heaven or hell anymore. It took me to a very God-damned position but I still managed to laugh out of it and in someother time, everything is so in order and well composed but then, back at home, Im tossing in my bed, having series of nightmares with my eyes open.
One thing (or many things) I’ve come to notice, I, unconciously, develop somekind of hatred towards every little thing that appear to me in this place and I deny the fact that it started to grow in me.
Their home town food which always suddenly showed up on office table…

A Beef Plof

A Belyash..

The Pirajyok

Their hometown chocolate bars..

The Matriyoshka – their traditional wooden dolls

Their version of Cosmo and sometimes Playboy

Everynow and then I have to pretend that I understand what’s on my table…

Be with and played with those kids whose barely taller then me during summer program

Facing the fact that these guys are actually underage kids and very illegal for me to play with…

Caucasian baby during working hours…

Endless sweet gifts from hotelier everytime they came by..

Endless food galore and the guilt after it.

woke up here in the morning…

weekend away from the city in the name of “hotel inspection”..

Party and invitation all year round..

..and last but not least, a very handsome boss.

All these..makes me think, what’s my dream job again?




  1. Johnny Ong

    June 29, 2009 at 12:32 pm

    well, not that u are small but they are big size hehe

  2. InBliss

    July 2, 2009 at 11:17 am

    wah..nice food..nice place..

    I lioke… :p

  3. Wedding Planner& Designer

    September 3, 2009 at 4:05 pm

    normi,i feel it…. and trust me, mine is even worse, at least u dun receive calls during weekend and night…

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