What’s July means to me…

One good thing about Malaysia, you can pretend you are having a blast summer holiday all year round, for sure.

UP! (nope.. Im too heavy…)

Dont care what it says, as long as it SPF20, rub it on baby!

Going Banana!

Feast on cute munchies.

Ok, that sound too spoil already.

No la, actually, July is the month where Im fully engaged with Summer Camp program. So since the program called “summer” so I have to make sure all activities really reflect the summer jollyness.

From bikini dip to eating watermelons and digging beach sand to flying a kite, I do the best as I can to make these students happy and yea, it was a hell tiring but it all instantly disappear when I receive a hug from them…

The “Make – The – children – Happy – Team”

After hanging out with those students for almost a month.. they manage to make me act goofy in pic. (I know.. that is the lamest one la.. that is the best I can do so far)

So I arranged A mini sexy treasure hunt by the beach. Serious la, besides reality show “SURVIVOR” (btw wasn’t own by Malaysian’s TV program) this is the most sexy treasure hunt program in Malaysia produced by me ok?

1st stage : they all need to race up to finish the crossword.

2nd stage: Find the coconut around, transfer some balls from here to there, picked up colorful balls with eyes folded and do the monkey bowling.

3rd stage: Blow the plate of flour in order to read what’s clue underneath (dang, no pic. sorry, btw they all looked like kuih tepung gomak afterall)

4th stage: They have to swim into the pool to get a map.

5th stage: Referring to the map where to find buried bottles & sponge by the beach

6th stage: Filled up the bottles with the sea water using tiny sponge. (kekeke.. this is to torture them)

Hey! that’s cheating!! I said with little sponge!! not with your long hair!!! @#***#%$

7th stage: Collect 20 pieces of seashells (actually, this one just to make them run around only..so that we, the game master have time to drink water haha)

8th & final stage: to assemble a small kite and to fly it steadily until string are all roll out from the string holder.

It turned out that, this duo who using long hair to fill up the bottles win the 1st place $!%*&!

Treasure hunt end.

Time to celebrate?

What a lucky boy I would say….

“Beautiful, I just wanted you to know.. you are my favorite girl”

Wait a minute.. I have no idea why these girls are pointing at me??

Ok I geddit, so I changed to join them.

BBQ dinner before the fireworks show. Thanks to The Terrace Garden team at Swiss garden Kuantan for such beautiful table setting and delicious BBQ.

Master & Angel secret revealed. Gifts exchanged with touching sweet innocent speech of what they think of their guardian angel. My opinion? Bonny & Khojiakhbar is the best Master & Angel to me. And she even bought an angel wing for him. So sweet…

And after I realized I actually fell in love with these kids… they are leaving me on 29th.. sob. Hope they will think of me sometime in their bright future life….

July always break my heart…




  1. c0co

    July 27, 2009 at 6:06 pm

    so nice!!!with all those games!!i can imagine how fun it was!!*-* where they’re leaving to?hmm can meet again de orhx dear dun sad sad..^-^

    by the way the munchies are cute!!!

  2. InBliss

    July 28, 2009 at 12:18 am

    having cool n fun time.. gud 4 u,.. 😛

  3. PoisonKagero

    July 28, 2009 at 12:50 pm

    The munchies are so cute!!!

    It’s so cool you get to help about in this camp =)

  4. LLY

    July 29, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    Hey there, thanks for your comment. Are you from M’sia?

    Actually we did make a trip to Manukan Island for some snorkeling, quite reasonably priced, will be posting it up soon on “Kota Kinabalu Holiday Part 5”, stay tuned =)

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