Will I ever cook … again?

I was invited to Tanjung Rhu Resort cocktail party at one of their signature Restaurant, Saffron, Solaris Mont Kiara. Im not going to talk about the foods or the drinks or the lucky draw which I never won, but about the door gift they gave to the guests.

I was so delighted when I found out it was a cook book by Executive Chef of Tanjung Rhu Resort, Chef Ueli Bachofner. This is the most useful and thoughtful gift I ever had among cocktail party I’ve attended so far. The book itself cost Euro 40, which if I need to pay with my own money, I rather to spend it on La Senza lacey bra that currently on mega sale – 3 bras at Rm150.00.

Im so eager to cook any of recipe inside since I dont need to pay RM900++ for their lowest category room per night and pay around RM350.00 – RM500.00 for their fine dining dishes.

Then I saw this, “Tanjung Rhu Seafood Hot Pot” which the ingredients to me, similar for cooking tom yum. So I thought, I can start with this!

I have to admit that it has been almost 3 years I stopped cooking. Actually I love cooking when there is “someone” for me to feed with love but now it happens that I have none. I miss to see the face savoring my cooking and keep asking for another plate and burp with red face in the end. And how I loved to hear voices saying that he craving my sweet & sour siakap fish or Ayam masak kicap and ask me to cook it during weekend.

And then.. what the hell, inside the book stated “90 minutes preparation time and it takes another 40 minutes actual cooking time“, I grabbed my car key and drove to nearby restaurant and ordered my tomyum. The whole process of driving, parking my car, ordering the food, drove back to my house and finish a bowl of tomyum only took 40 minutes.

Not to mention all those french terms “Sachet d’epices”, “Concasse” and “brunoise” which leave me with no clue. I only know Virgin Oil & Bon Appetite ok?

Then I flipped through the cook book.. hoping to find something much more simple for my level and try to prove that this cook book is worth to keep.

Then I found this.

“Homemade Strawberry & Orange Sorbet served in an Ice Bowl”

I love sorbet! Always! The fact that it has no fat and Im having low sugar level in my blood, this is somesort of holy medical solution for me!

The ingredients are:

For Strawberry sorbet
300 grams fresh strawberries
1 litre water
200 grams sugar for strawberries
1/2 pc lemon juice.

For Orange Sorbet
250 ml Orange Juice
200 gram sugar
500ml water

Blend the fruits / juice with water and sieve through a fine sieve and add it into a pot. add the sugar & lemon juice and bring it to boil. cool down in the freezer prior blending it in the Pacojet machine.


This is the result after I googled it.

Never mind. I just go buy Paddle Pop ice cream down stairs.



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