X-Files #2

It has been so long. Well, Im still around and today decided to do some update on what’s boggling my mind. I don’t know about you, but I have many Ex-es and we are still in touch now and then. Maybe I’m too cool to be forgotten and left behind, so after a break up, these men decided to keep me in their life and treat me as a best friend. Why I say best friend is because they spilling out their heartbreaks and their troubled marriage issue since the beginning.

I am no marriage expert. But I kind have the answer on why the wife acting crazy and fucked up. I am a woman and I understand why women acting so wrong. But as you know, the husband going back to his ex for enlightenment is a NO-NO.

Well, I understand that. Actually, while I was giving an ear to my ex-es, I was talking to myself by thanking God that I am not married TO HIM or else that heartfelt cuss would be about ME. Because, he knows why his wife becoming a terrible person and yet he went to the ex displaying his failure and the answer WHY GOD PROHIBITED ME FROM HIM. To tell you the truth, I felt damn good about myself at the end of the conversation and it almost becoming a therapy.

But at the same time, the wife tracking, hunting me down and put a straight up blame that I am the X factor in their troubled marriage. How come? The man is married to her instead of me, be her babies’ daddy for decades and then he changed – suddenly I got the blame? Instead of getting the info nicely from me (since I knew her husband long time before her) , they choose to accuse me, the culprit in their whole fucked up marriage. And I asked her back, instead of finding mistakes outside her bedroom walls, why dont she stick in her 3 fingers into her pussy hole and check whether is there any space to put the 4th & 5th fingers? You know, after giving birth to so many kids and didnt do anything about it may affect your husband behavior if he treat pussy as a 2nd Mecca.

So all these jilted wives starting to send me “friend” request on Facebook while they know their intention towards me is not so “friendly”. Not enough with that, They get their daughters and girlfriends to get me into their facebook buddy as well. No, not enough still, they created a fake facebook account as a male and sent me the same request for the same purpose. And all hardwork is for what? To run some investigation behind their husband’s back just to find out that their husband don’t love them anymore? Just to let me know they are the unfavorable type of woman that my ex boyfriend choose to marry after I left them? I thought people always try to find something or someone better than the previous one? My Ex-es made me threw up a little bit in my mouth AFTER I GOT to know all these women they are married to!

They are insane, narrow minded, helpless, hopeless and FAT! If being married and being a wife will turn me into these women, (I hope my boyfriend reading this now, I know he is), I refuse to get marry!
Why these women always think it is ALWAYS must be the other woman that makes their husband change. Don’t tell me that they think they are FLAWLESS and there is nothing wrong about themselves, not even a bit? Maybe they have a pretty face, but women should know pretty face is no longer enough. I always learn that independent type of woman never failed to get men admiration, even he is already your husband. Men love women that make up her own decision and somehow her decision becoming a support system to his decision. Men love women who understand them, rather than love them blindlessly and hanging onto their crotch for endless affection. Men appreciate women who in touch with reality more than fantasy. And yet, you have to reverse out all of the above when  comes to bedroom game. 
Well, I know some of you will say “why you bother to accept their request while you know what you got yourself into at the first place?”

My answer is simple. I done nothing wrong. I got nothing to hide and I always have this positive assumption that, maybe these women wanted to know about something they don’t know yet about their husband.Or, they just wanted to know me because I used to be in their husband’s heart. (Well, trust me, I DON’T WANT to be friends with my bf’s or husband’s EX and I don’t want to know about them, AT ALL) And I don’t think people are too stupid to assume that, one person will be blunt open about their wrongdoings (having affairs with other people’s husband) and put it on Facebook? But if they ask me nicely once or twice, and I gave them straight answer, it is not my fault that my answer still unable to satisfy their curiosity and fit into their accusation. It seems like these women has serious issue to understand other people and yet they demanding me to understand them. Well woman, I don’t work that way.

Sometimes, I wonder, was it something has to do with what their husband said about me? Well woman, if your husband said something nice or good about their EX or other women in front of you, you should pick that up as a warning that he isn’t a good husband! Don’t come hunt me or the other women down for your husband is a jerk!

Anyways, blocking out these woman is always a first option. But, I choose to keep them in so that they have the privileges to peek into my marvelous life and hope that one day they will change and become a clever, highly self esteem, female with positive mind, healthy social skill and embrace past failure so that they will become a better one.

Kata orang, sebarang kebaikan & kebahagiaan wajib di kongsi bersama 🙂 

#Scorpio Bleed success and they pride themselves on mystery.
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