Yea, Merry Christmas to You!

I have this wishes in my inbox, which is, kinda funny. I’ve got a Christmas wishes and serious question at the same time! I can’t help it, I must share it. Wasn’t Christmas is about sharing? So let’s share some laughter. Apparently, I received a lot of Christmas wishes just as much as ‘Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri’. Well, thanks but seriously, I didn’t celebrate Christmas. I enjoyed the public holiday and the long weekend though.  

Holiday outing with a friend with my good hair day.

Oh, you should try this Cempedak Ice Cream at Seed’s café (RM5.80) at Mid Valley, next to Chilli’s. It’s a home made ice cream. They have DURIAN too! I felt like I was somewhere in Dusun somehow when I had this. Haha. Switch to something local once in a while and the price is cheaper than Baskin Robins and any other gelato’s stall but the taste is tripleicious! It has chunks of real Cempedak inside.

Dropped by to see my Godmom’s singing for Agong 36th wedding Anniversary at Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur.

and end up having a good supper at the end of holiday 🙂 . Thanks Ma!

Anyways, I love year end. It means the time to reap the rewards for all your hard work and contribution since January 1st is about to ripen. Be it bonus from office, ASB and many other type of investments you are into, yea, year end what you’ve been waiting for. And as for me, I invested a LOT in shopping. WTF.

Yea, that’s only a part of what I just claimed from my shopping activities in year 2011. Credit cards points, Bonuslink points, and Clarins’ Club Beaute membership points (those are normal size, worth more than RM200 and I swear on that Instant Smooth Line Correcting Concentrate. I can see the result immediately! I Heart Clarins)
Not to mentioned vouchers from Metrojaya from Metrojaya’s membership card that I received twice a year, Vouchers on the spot when you spent above RM350 and, I just banked in Nuffnang’s payout 🙂 It’s not that much, but it’s still money.
So, who says shopping can’t be rewarding? Be Shop Right. Guys, if your wife/ girlfriend wanted to spend their money on shopping, let them be! It’s not your money anyway.

Ah, I have so much thing to do for 2012, I can’t wait, so I started it now. I don’t do new year’s resolution. That’s for the losers. If you wanna do it, just do it. No need to wait January 1st to execute it.

Knowing that another year passes by, another year older I am. Next year Im going to be XX years old (Hell no, Im not giving you any clue of what my age is, in your dream) But I decided to be 27 forever. Why 27? I still remember I was that ‘Hot Babe on the top of Her Game’ when I was 27. I like everything when  I was 27 more than 17. That’s why.

So I bought a kettlebell.

Started with 4kgs, (RM65.00) it really shows you the result in a week.
and what a cliché, people keeps on telling me I’m already skinny to be skinny. They probably think I’m mocking their size 8 and so on. WHO SAYS I WANTED TO BE SKINNY?. God knows how I want to be curvy, Kim Kardashian’s Curve. I want that booty, I want that chest! Er, No, this kettlebell won’t give you that, though. But it helps to tone that jiggly flab under your arms, waist and thigh. That’s all. It’s about toned, firmed body. Not skinny. I believed Kim Kardashian do something to keep her butt stick out like that, or else, it will wipe the floors as she walks on the red carpet when she hit XX years old.

Look at this Kettlebell Video workout. YOU CAN”T BE SKINNY BUT BETTER THAN SKINNY with this.

So when the result is out, of course, Im gonna show it off. Haters gonna hate. Eh? haha.

Merry Christmas for those celebrating it. Hope you enjoy your cookies =)




  1. Azlan Strider

    December 27, 2011 at 6:50 am

    forever 27??hahaha..that my age and i get another 4 month before i marked as 28th..but i still feel like early`s 20..hehe..btw zaman sekarang nie kalau nak shopping biar shopping smart..nanti reward pun dapat..hehehe..Happy Holiday sis!!!!


  2. independentqueen

    December 28, 2011 at 3:01 am

    There is a CHILD in all of US!

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