Yogyakarta: Borobudur. A heaven on earth.

I must admit that Borobudur temple is a creme de la creme of Yogyakarta. It’s the only thing that draws people all over the world to Yogyakarta. The rest, are just bread crumbs – you can opt it out or include it in your salad but still didn’t change the whole taste.

And as always, I chose sunrise hours. The price is almost double for sunrise Borobudur compared to normal hours. It costs around RM 105/ USD 33 per entry but it was worth it.

Sunrise Borobudur viewing only can be accessed through Manohara Resort Borobudur, a two star resort with a 5 star price. The access through this resort at such price, entitled you free morning coffee and slice of cake. 

The sun light up in Yogyakarta way too early than here in Malaysia. By 5.30AM, we already saw the red sky. We were still on the road at 6.00PM and it was totally bright and I thought I screwed it this time, being too late. The journey from our hotel in Malioboro to Borobudur temple took almost 1 hour and I almost pee my pants thinking I’m going to miss the sunrise by the temple.

When we arrived at the foot of the temple, everything is in golden color. It reminds me of Hamunaptra raised under the sunrise in the movie ‘The Mummy.’.

Stands at 35m high, but I didn’t realized how fast I was climbing to the top. The excitement being at the world heritage property which was built in the 9th century, (older than Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia) recharge my well being, instantly.

Since the sky was kinda bright, I went to the back of the building to get the silhouette effect.


And this Yogyakarta sky at 7AM. It is totally bright and yet the mist still masking the ground provides the magical effect to us, the spectators.

Or maybe since this temple located at higher ground makes it exposed to the sun earlier than lower surface.

The horizon is backed up by view of Mount Merapi adds up the nonchalant feel and for a while I feel like I want to stay here, forever.

There is no ugly angle from the top of Borobudur. It is so beautiful and it gives you feel like you score A+++ in photography skill.

Trust me, I got more than 100 snapshot from the same angle because I can’t get enough with the view. I wish I can keep it with me so I captured every single second of it. And now I’m having a trouble to choose the best to display on here since every picture is pretty.

Another perk of visiting this temple early in the morning and pay such amount is, you got the whole temple for you with other 15 peoples. So you can save a lot of time queuing to snap the picturesque view and usually those who pay such amount to come up here usually those who are really know how to appreciate the view by using their eyes more than mouth (talking and chatting loudly) 

And you get to wear a very nice ‘sarong’ in golden hue indicates ‘Sunrise Borobudur visitor’

This temple contains 504 Buddha statues. 72 of it seated in the stupa and each of it with a different ‘mudras’ or position of the hand.

It seems like Borobudur Temple is in complete restoration after the damage caused by Mount Merapi’s eruption in year 2010. So there is no ugly sight like cast iron or pile of new bricks like the one in Angkor Wat sitting around which really spoil the mood of ‘ancient’ feel.

Im not going to write details about the construction and history of Borobudur Temple since you can always get it from Wikipedia. Just enjoy the snapshot.


And these people really embrace the moment here in silence.

You do not get to bask under the Yogyakarta sky with andesite stone  on your back EVERYDAY.

The corridor wall heavily masked with relics intricate depict the Law of Karma, the story of Siddhartha, the story of Buddha previous life and many more.

uhm, ok. I guess he understands the inscriptions very well.


We spent almost 2 hours here and we decided to make our move when we saw hundreds of people came down from the tour bus. School kids, tour group, noisy aunties…

and as usual, when there is a heaven, there is A HELL..

After experience such a heavenly feel on top of the Borobudur, now, it’s time for you to come back, down to earth, to reality which resembles hell.

The souvenir seller, selling postcards, key chain, fridge magnets and all the bullshit gave you hellish experience in place like this. They follow you for as long as they could and don’t stop until you buy something. And I was the person who ‘buy something’ in order to end the pain walkaway from Borobudur Temple. And I wish I can master Mike’s  “just don’t care” attitude and walk like a Stalin with his hand waving like a Hitler.




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