You are too naive, that’s why I cheated on you.

On my way home from fucked up weekend in Malacca, my mobile jolted my lap with its vibrate tone which I forgot to turn it off (I seldom use vibrate mode, takes up battery consumption & very annoying, I guess). Then suddenly I think why not I use it to massage my stiff shoulder and neck due to the stressed job of conducting weekend getaway for the summer camp group of student for the past 2 days.

Right before I wanted to massage back of my neck with my mobile phone, I took a glimpse at the screen, who knows, maybe it is important and ah.. maybe I need to answer this one, since it has been filling up my missed call log, alot, for past 2 nights.

“yep, anything?”

“you free to talk now?”

“yaya.. Im on my way to home now”

“No one around u?”

“Yaya, in my car, alone lah”

“Hey, the thing that we discussed about, it turned out to be true. Yes, he cheated on me & that girl was here last 2 weeks, & they spent a whole week holiday together”

“How you know for sure?”

“I cornered him & he admitted”

“Does he apologize then?”

“He said, the girl has inspired him”

“Inspire? In what way?”

“He said Im too naive, and that girl are very pushy type and that what inspire him”

“WTF? since when men nowadays like the pushy type?”
(Maybe she wrongly heard.. maybe is a pussy type ler)

“and he said ever since I bought that Rolex watch, he felt like Im not on the same track as him. When I asked him what he going to do about our relationship, he said “dont know”. He keep asking me dont leave him cuz no matter what he knew Im the one for him & he still dont know that girl very well, & he so confused & asked me to give him a couple of months, he is so confused”

“Fuck confuse lah, once he know the girl very well & think she’s the one for him.. then what? Ask you to leave leh? Btw, that was not his money you spent for that Rolex watch, not even your money, it was a free money, after you sold all those leather bags gave by your aunt”

“that’s why.. I feel so insulted. He said if we break up, he still will take care of me”


There you go.. men, with their excuses…I wonder why la.. on bed, they are so proud showed off their balls, clearly gave the statement of “Im the balls.. I mean Im the man~!” . But when it came to breaking up, to tell the girl face to face, *Pooof*, their balls dissapear.

What? Dont tell me they dont want to hurt the girls’ feeling? While they using “you -are -too –nice, – too – naive, not -pushy – enough – like – her – excuse” wasn’t lame enough to hurt us?

After some of my brief opinion, finally she said “ok, I think I know what to do” – at least quick enough compare to her man who took few months to fuck the other girl, brought that girl to Malaysia and fucked somemore, sent the girl back to her country and still end up “I dont know what to do..”

That is what happen after 7 years in relationship, plus being engaged for 2 years…





  1. InBliss

    July 13, 2009 at 12:20 am

    yup can’t agree more..

  2. Azlan Strider

    January 17, 2012 at 6:25 am

    reading ur old post..hehehe.. 🙂

    haha..its la lame excuses when they used “confused” as the reason after being caught cheating..hehehe

  3. independentqueen

    January 18, 2012 at 12:12 pm

    OMG.. dont tell me you read all! Noob posts writing! Noob still..

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