Thailand : To Krabi from the Phuket. 2013

IDK. I can’t think of appropriate post title from the 1st one. We decided to take minivan from Phuket Bus Terminal to Krabi. It costs THB 140 per person, for 3 hours ride, compared to boat ride which is THB1600 – 2000. But the view and the stops that the boat made along the way […]

Thailand : From Phuket to the Krabi : Warming Up 2013

Warning : This post has a lot of Ass shots. Every beginning needs a warm up. So do my year 2013. I choose island hopping around Phuket and Krabi, Thailand to warm up my beginning of new year as well as celebrating Mike’s 34th birthday. I recall back 2012 and I realized that I did […]

Phuket: 10 things you gotta love about Phuket

Weekend. Not going anywhere. Im in love with home again after getting my new furniture in. It’s a life record breaking that I do the mopping and house cleaning twice in a week! . Last week, I woke up in the middle of the night without reason, and can’t continue to sleep. My beautiful mind […]

Breakaway Rendezvous

When the emptiness is unbearable and the feelings went chaotic haywire, this is what I do. I fly. Say hi to Thai land.This is my very first getaway for year 2011 – Phuket. It was happened exactly at the right time for the right cause. So many things bothered me few weeks before this flight […]