Silent September a.k.a lazy kind of blogger

I did it again. Dot com or not, I’m back at it. No updates for the whole month (of September). I have a blog but I don’t think I can call myself a blogger. Felt so ashamed when I bumped into my reader(s) because I know, they been reading yesteryears posts on this blog.  I […]

Friends, Millionaires and lousy weekends.

It’s official. Im addicted to Zuma Blitz in Facebook. I stayed up all night just to play Zuma. I didn’t do my laundry this weekend because of Zuma. I forgot to read text messages in my mobile (not to mention about replying them) because of Zuma. I go shower & eat my food just because […]

Ex – Girlfriend.

What an audit week. A tormenting process just to get the financial record straight. It is a valuable but sickening experience with Price Water House (mind you, it’s Singapore PWC, not Malaysia). They drill your file cabinet, accounting system inside your computer as well as your brain, they extract everything inside out until nothing left. Not even a […]