My Experience with Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport, Doha.

Salam Tahun baru Masihi 2017. It’s the most depressing way entering new year for me so far. Had to cross the globe for 27 hours with my pregnant belly, separated from my husband again for 100th time and had to figure out 1001 things alone once I touch down Malaysia, again.  Great way to start […]

URBAN TIPS #2 : How to Prevent Liquid Spill In Your Checked in Luggage

UNTUK VERSI BAHASA MELAYU, KLIK SINI. There is nothing more frustrating than opening your luggage soaking in toner or shampoo conditioner liquid at the end of long hour flight. I always did until I tried this life hack for the past 2 years. You know that air pressure in aeroplane is extreme. Your plastic tube/ […]